Helping your charity raise more

I am a specialist in major gifts fundraising, Capital appeal fundraising and developing fundraising plans and strategies to increase income.

Major Gifts Fundraising

Receiving some larger gifts, but don’t have a plan to look after these supporters?  Looking to increase income?  I can help charities:

  • who have never embarked on major gifts fundraising
  • who have accidentally fallen into major gifts fundraising and have little plan
  • who have a more established major gifts program that they are looking to grow

As a former Director of Fundraising, I have first hand experience of taking senior teams , Boards & trustees on the journey of major gifts fundraising.  Work can cover the areas below:

• Understanding who to approach, how to manage and monitor a major gifts programme; developing a caseload of potential major givers and providing the structure to manage these relationships
• Should you put on events for your major donors?
• How to resource your major gifts fundraising with or without a specialist fundraiser
• When is the right time to ask? Avoiding the pitfalls and challenges; how the CEO and senior team can feel confident making the ask
• Tools and techniques for effectively managing major gifts fundraisers.


Capital Appeals are a wonderful way to attract new supporters to your cause, and are an exciting and hectic time for any charity.  Planning your appeal is crucial.  You may need support with the following:
• How to present and communicate your charity’s work or Appeal to potential donors effectively.
• When should you start fundraising for your Appeal privately and publicly?
• Should you recruit a board for your high value fundraising or Appeal?
• How to launch a major gifts programme with your Appeal
• Dispelling myths and managing expectations, reporting progress

fundraising plans and STRATGIES

Are you a looking to grow and increase income at your charity?  Not sure where to start? As a Director of Fundraising, and with 10 years experience across charities of all sizes, I focus on putting strategies into workable plans so you end up with far more than a strategy document.  I can help with:

  • A fundraising audit to understand where your organisation is at and where the opportunities are.
  • Investment opportunities and launching new fundraising streams.
  • How to ensure your plans are translated into fundraising action, including setting objectives and KPIs for your fundraising programme and individual fundraising staff or teams.
  • How to ensure your charity’s messages are encouraging support and donations.
  • Developing a strong, clear and urgent case for support, vital for raising funds.