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Ignore the rich list if you want to grow your major donor fundraising

12 May 2021

Have you got your eye on those individuals on the Sunday Times Rich List? If your charity is serious about its major donor fundraising please ignore it

Diversity and anti-racism in major donor fundraising

21 April 2021

This is an uncomfortable blog for me to write. And it should be. Since #Blacklivesmatter I’ve become more consciously aware of my white privilege and…

Let’s prioritise ‘the how’ over ‘the what’ with major donor fundraising

2 March 2021

My appraisal as a 22-year-old & raising large gifts – what I’ve learnt If you work in major donor fundraising, or you manage someone who…

What major donor fundraisers can learn from corporate partnership managers

10 February 2021

To cross the divide between disciplines, Andy King has shared his top three lessons that major donor fundraisers can learn from people working in corporate partnerships

5 Tips to make the most of your virtual major donor meetings

13 January 2021

Virtual meetings are here to stay and open up a great opportunity, even after lockdown, for your charity to connect with potential donors wherever they…

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