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Let’s prioritise ‘the how’ over ‘the what’ with major donor fundraising

2 March 2021

My appraisal as a 22-year-old & raising large gifts – what I’ve learnt If you work in major donor fundraising, or you manage someone who…

What major donor fundraisers can learn from corporate partnership managers

10 February 2021

To cross the divide between disciplines, Andy King has shared his top three lessons that major donor fundraisers can learn from people working in corporate partnerships

5 Tips to make the most of your virtual major donor meetings

13 January 2021

Virtual meetings are here to stay and open up a great opportunity, even after lockdown, for your charity to connect with potential donors wherever they…

LaLa Land and Major Donors!

22 September 2020

This is a guest blog from Rory Traynor, Capital Campaign Manager at Ayrshire Hospice. Thank you Rory! Recently, I found myself arriving for a meeting…

Are your major donors ‘Zoomed out’?

10 September 2020

Events can play a huge role in major donor fundraising: thanking, attracting new donors, building relationships. They can inspire and connect high-net-worth individuals to those…

4 ways you could raise more large gifts & meet your target

2 September 2020

I had the best Monday morning when I found out that a CEO I’ve been working with secured £200k of pledges! In 5 days! The…

Invest in major donor fundraising, or at least don’t disinvest

15 July 2020

Recently I’ve heard of major donor fundraising roles being made redundant because ‘philanthropists won’t want to give now’.  I’ve heard numerous cases of hard-fought investment…

Prioritise! How to use the L-I-A model

17 June 2020

Some of the most common challenges I hear when I work on major donor fundraising with fundraisers and leaders are: “We have a list of…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

3 June 2020

Am I the only one who gets excited about seeing a handwritten envelope on the doormat? Mine yesterday was a card from a friend. In…

Much has changed but much has stayed the same

2 June 2020

Coronavirus has changed our lives more than we could have imagined. In the conversations I’ve had with major gift fundraisers, Chief Executives, and Directors of…

Don’t make the same mistake as Dominic Cummings with your key donors

26 May 2020

All of the coverage of Dominic Cummings got me thinking about the third sector – as charities when things haven’t gone quite to plan with projects, when we’ve made mistakes, we’ve often thought how we can spin the truth with our donors. And no wonder.

Is Antonio Banderas distracting your charity? Why you should ignore the Rich List

18 May 2020

Have you got your eye on those individuals on the Sunday Times Rich List? If your charity is serious about its major donor fundraising please ignore it

Are you in a post covid-19 mindset yet?

30 April 2020

If you’re in that place where you’re starting to think of a post-Covid world, make sure high-net -worth individuals and major donor fundraising is part of that. Can you afford not to?

A call to show you care

23 March 2020

Surely you shouldn’t call your major donors and potential major donors now of all times. They’ve got other things to think about haven’t they?

Expert, donor, global- different views for your major gift fundraising

19 February 2020

The Pride flag flying high, some seriously blustery weather and a beautiful lake view accompanied a great fundraising discussion with my friend, Henry Shelford, Head…

Putting yourself in their shoes

28 January 2020

One question that I pondered from the 2020 Institute of Fundraising major donor conference was “How often do we truly put ourselves in our major donor’s shoes?”