Summit Power Half Hours

Summit Power Half Hours are free half-hour major donor fundraising sessions to give you practical tips, inspiration and confidence to raise more large gifts. They are with major donor fundraising specialist Louise Morris, who’s helped over 100 charities raise more large gifts.

It can feel really hard asking wealthy people for money. Sometimes it can be terrifying! I’ve been there. I’ve felt dread walking out of the office to meet a famous retail owner as everyone in the team shouted out “good luck” and “make sure he gives a lot of money”. Would he give and give “enough”?

Many fundraisers I’ve worked with worry about upsetting a potential donor by asking for a gift.

And the thought of someone saying no can often be enough for us to not even try to have that conversation.

“Louise has inspired me so much and encouraged me to grow in confidence, making more ambitious strategic asks. Thanks to Louise, I’ve built more authentic, engaging donor relationships than ever before and in the short time I’ve worked with her I’ve raised over £600,000 in donations.”
Sam Harford, Philanthropy Officer, British Red Cross

Join me, Major donor specialist Louise Morris, for this free 30-minute session in conversation with Sam Harford, a major donor fundraiser who has more than tripled a gift from one donor, and smashed her target this year.
Join us to transform your mindset to asking major donors for gifts and take away practical tips you can use in your role to get confident asking and raising more.

The event will be recorded and emailed to everyone’s who’s registered.

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