Summit Fundraising can help you develop a confident and sustainable approach to major donor fundraising, that works.

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Keen for your charity to secure big gifts, but not sure where to start with major donor fundraising?

Do you have a major donor programme but think it should be raising more?

Do you want a major donor fundraising plan and strategy that you’re confident in?

Louise has 12 years’ major gifts fundraising experience in charities small, medium and large, and a strong corporate background. As a former Fundraising Director and trustee, she understands the challenges and multiple priorities you face!

What people say

Earthwatch hadn’t done much major donor fundraising in the past and we weren’t sure where to start. Working with Louise gave us the confidence and clear next steps for our major donor programme. I’d recommend Louise to any charity who wants to set up or grow their major donor fundraising.

Steve Andrews, CEO, Earthwatch Europe

I would highly recommend Louise to any organisation who wants to improve their major donor fundraising approach. In the short time that Louise worked with us, she helped improve our call to action, assessed our current capacity and helped us make a plan for the future. Louise took on our cause as her own, and was a pleasure to work with.

Adam Barlow, Executive Director, WildTeam Conservation

Louise has provided excellent support and guidance to the charity. She’s an experienced and effective high net worth fundraiser and has had a significant impact on our major donor fundraising programme in a short space of time.

Martin Bishop, Director of Fundraising & Communications, Dementia UK

Blogs, guides and videos

Invest in major donor fundraising, or at least don’t disinvest

15 July 2020

Recently I’ve heard of major donor fundraising roles being made redundant because ‘philanthropists won’t want to give now’.  I’ve heard numerous cases of hard-fought investment…

Major Donor Fundraising During the Crisis and Beyond

1 July 2020

This is a recording from a webinar I did on 1st July highlighting what charities who’d raised large gifts in the early months of Coronavirus did.

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