Louise Morris – Inspiring fundraisers and leaders in their major donor fundraising

I’m an international speaker with energetic, practical and inspiring sessions tailored to your event. Whether a fundraising conference or an away day, 30 minutes or an hour, virtual or in person, I will tailor and deliver an exceptional session for you.

Thank you for being part of our conference Louise! You are so inspiring and have great energy.

My speaking slots are always:

✔ Interactive and inspiring – so there’s never a dull moment for the audiences and they get to contribute, and enjoy as well as learn.

✔ Tailored– no two sessions I deliver are the same, and whether  you have 20 people or 200, I’ll ensure the session is delivered spot on for you and the audience.

✔ Practical with steps and tips people can put into practice.

I found speaker Louise Morris to be incredibly exciting. It was great to hear her 4 top tips for building confidence for major donor fundraising.

One of the most helpful sessions I’ve been to…so many practical examples and ideas. And I’ve been in fundraising for 30+ years so have attended lots of sessions!

I’ve delivered inspiring sessions for: