Summit Power Hours

Summit Power Hours are free one-hour sessions to help you feel inspired and have practical tips to raise more large gifts. Each one has a different guest in conversation with major donor specialist Louise Morris.

In major gifts fundraising, many of us know that getting to know our donors as real humans and connecting with them is the key to success. But this approach often comes under pressure with boards and senior teams looking for quick wins, and some colleagues treating potential philanthropists as “cash cows”.

So how can you encourage a culture that puts your donor’s wellbeing at the heart of your major donor fundraising? There is a wealth (excuse the pun!) of science and research that backs this approach, much of it led by Professor Jen Shang.

Professor Jen Shang is the world’s only philanthropic psychologist. Her research has been covered in the New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Advancing Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Times as well as numerous academic journals.

Join major donor specialist, Louise Morris, speaking with Jen in this FREE lunchtime session.

You’ll gain confidence and evidence for building great relationships with major donors.
You’ll go away with a fresh perspective on why giving is so joyful
You’ll have practical tips for the role you and your organisation can play in creating this joy and well-being for your key donors.