Major donor fundraising with Oxfam’s team

12 June 2024

Louise at Summit worked with Oxfam’s Major gifts team; Annie Turnbull talks below about what their challenges were, and how we overcame them together. So…

Fundraising and the “always on” culture

16 May 2024

In Spring 2024 I took a month off work, off screens and away from “normal” life to take the trip of a life-time to Australia…

4 Tips for a Successful Major Donor Event.

14 March 2024

Working to plan a major donor event can take LOT’s of time, effort, resource and energy.  So read on to get  4  approaches to help…

Setting your major donor fundraising targets

17 January 2024

Are you finalising your budgets at the moment? Did your charity miss their major donor target last year? Here are 5 top tips to having more confidence in your major donor budget.

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