Major Donor Fundraising During the Crisis and Beyond

What can we learn from charities who raised large gifts over the first few months of Coronavirus?

This is a recording from a webinar I did on 1st July talking about just this. When Coronavirus hit I was working with over a dozen charities, coaching fundraisers and CEOs and setting up major donor programmes. I continued working with them through the pandemic, and there were some fantastic successes! Like the fundraiser just 4 months into post who secured the largest gift her charity had ever had of £250,000! And the CEO who secured £200k from 6 asks to major donors.

YouTube video

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There’s 25 minutes of me presenting on the things these charities did, as well as what you can do in your organisations from now on. Then for 15 minutes there are some brilliant questions from those attending, and discussion. (please excuse the ‘jump’ at the very start)

You can find out more about my new on-line video training I mention at the end here.

This was posted on 1 July 2020.


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