Major donor fundraising training – for your trustees

I’ve run major donor workshops with over 200 trustees; each one is bespoke, designed to help you further the understanding and involvement from board members in your major donor programme.

I’m a trustee myself, a former Director of Fundraising and major gift fundraiser, and an experienced trainer and workshop facilitator.

So I have the experience and insight from all angles to forge positive next steps so you can work effectively together to succeed in major donor fundraising.

Louise combined the energy and enthusiasm we needed with the utmost professionalism and experience of our board – respect.

Feedback has been highly positive, and the next steps are already in progress – remarkable.

Damian Chapman, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Charity for Civil Servants

Your focus may be on:

  • Building confidence and momentum for successful introductions from trustees
  • Ensuring the whole board knows how they can contribute to major donor fundraising
  • Dispelling those myths, so your charity has realistic expectations for what can be achieved with major donor fundraising and by when
  • Agreeing the KPIs that will help monitor progress in your major donor programme, beyond the money.

Any session will be bespoke to your charity and the background and experience of your trustees, and the history of your major donor fundraising to date.

I provide training virtually and in person, for either 2-3 hours or a full day. All sessions are interactive, workshop style with plenty of breaks.

A Summit tailored trustee workshop will set you on the path to success for your major donor fundraising. Here more from charities who’ve worked with me below:

We will have a meeting beforehand where I will understand where you are at with major donor fundraising and what you want the training to achieve. I’ll then provide the agreed aims of the training and a session plan to achieve this.

I knew Louise would be good- but she surpassed expectations!
Louise worked brilliantly with our trustees and immediately captured their trust and respect. I’m really pleased that together we’ve been able to invigorate our plans for major donor relationships.

Thank you, Louise, for enabling a great conversation and inspiring action!

Matthew Roberts, Senior Development Manager, Shine

Louise’s session with our Board covered all the aims we agreed.

The trustees like Louise’s approachability and style, noted how much they were listened to, and her stories were stimulating and memorable.

Louise’s practical and manageable approach to major donor fundraising built the trustees’ confidence and has started their involvement, particularly the gentle pressure to plan what small step each of them could take.

Raj Athwal, Executive Director, The Mulberry Centre

I thoroughly enjoyed Louise’s training, it was a brilliant kick-start for our major donor fundraising.

By the end, the team were bouncing ideas around which was excellent.”

Sheri Johnson, Chair of Horsley, Bookham and Leatherhead RDA

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