Managing Internal Expectations of Major Donor Fundraising

8 July 2021

10 minutes to walk through 3 tips that will help you with the expectations in your organisation, make your life easier and build a team…

Ignore the Rich List

19 May 2021

5 alternative ways to attract major donor fundraisers and raise more for your cause, that will hopefully stop you from reaching for this year’s rich…

Major donor fundraising; equality, white privilege & the missed opportunity

27 April 2021

Since #Blacklivesmatter I’ve become more consciously aware of my white privilege and how it’s helped me get to where I am. Since then I’ve been…

How to persuade major donors in writing- your case for support.

10 March 2021

Writing a case for support can be really tough. You need to know the purpose of the document and express that. There are certain patterns…

First steps to successful major donor fundraising.

10 February 2021

Want to know where to start? Or revisiting your strategy? Take a look at February’s video where Louise will walk you through some tried and…

Secure major donor meetings in lockdown.

26 January 2021

Not sure how best to connect with your existing or even potential major donors during lock down? Follow these 5 tips to secure a meeting…

5 Tips to make the most of major donor zoom meetings.

12 January 2021

Zoom meetings are here to stay so make sure you are getting the most you can from them with these 5 tips.

Mid-level giving

Mid-Level Giving

16 December 2020

Mid-level giving – why it’s important, how it can help your major donor fundraising, and 3 top tips for your charity.

We can do better than the 7 steps!

10 December 2020

Are you happy with the terminology used when you talk about prospects? Louise challenges some thinking around our approach in this video.

Asking a major donor

11 November 2020

This video is originally one of the Facebook lives in the Summit Major Donor Facebook group. We talk about asking and the idea of the…

A testimonial from Paul

11 November 2020

My ears were burning and this is why! Thanks so much to Paul Davies from Manchester Camerata for this fantastic testimonial! Take a watch to…

Virtual major donor events in the pandemic

10 September 2020

Get some inspiration and tips for your virtual events: This video was originally from the first Facebook live in the Summit Major Donor Facebook group….

Major Gift Fundraising – lead through the unknown with confidence

11 August 2020

Leadership expert Charly White and I were delighted with the feedback on our August 2020 webinar:Major Gift Fundraising – lead through the unknown with confidence….

Major Donor Fundraising During the Crisis and Beyond

1 July 2020

This is a recording from a webinar I did on 1st July highlighting what charities who’d raised large gifts in the early months of Coronavirus did.